Month: July 2015

Random Thoughts

Hi-dii ho!

Guess who is wasting away her summer! No shit, it’s me. I should be watching movies for my EE and doing my Biology homework, but instead I have been doing nothing. I honestly have no idea what I have been doing with the past two months of my life. Like, I got my wisdom teeth out in June and I am kinda really sick right now, but what the hell have I been doing with my time? Seriously, it’s making me anxious thinking about all the work I have left and want to finish before I start school up again in the fall.

Surprisingly, I haven’t spent a lot of time at my dad’s house, but I’m still trying to interact with him outside of my (required by law) time there. Like asking for his help when I want to do something technological, since that is his area of expertise or if I wanna watch one of his favorite movies. He just keeps blowing me off though and I don’t really feel like trying anymore. He feels like we have a good relationship and I don’t, but at this point I don’t really care about having my biological father be a good father figure as I have some kickass uncles and a pretty good stepdad. Some people don’t even get one good father figure while I have so many, so I’m okay with having an emotionally distant biological pops.

I decided that I’m gonna do a scavenger hunt for my CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) project where all of the items are activities for the participants to use as activities for their own CAS portfolios. I think it’ll be fun and an easy way to knock out some reflections and hours that we all need for CAS. The whole idea behind CAS is to make IB students well-rounded people, but instead it just adds more stress to the daily life of a student instead of making them a more diverse person. Oh well, I’ll get through it.

I like writing in a blog. It helps me focus my emotions and let’s me be myself because no one I know in person can read this. I mean, they can, but I really hope they don’t because then I have to restrict myself like I do on my social media accounts and off the internet. Being a writing-expressive person in a world where you are always connected to the people you know kinda sucks because I don’t get to be me and share my thoughts without being judged by friends and family. That’s why I like this blog. It’s my dirty little secret.