A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi hi!

So I just finished my first day of senior year and it was as I expected it to be.  At my school all the classes are built on a two year curriculum, so I already know most of my teachers and the ones that haven’t taught me before I have seen around the school.  It was basically prep for a test I have Tuesday, prepare for a graded group discussion that will be on Friday, organize these different functions and non-functions, and getting back in the groove with my clique.  Most of whom I couldn’t care less to see after graduation.  All in all, a pretty good kick-start to my final year in high school.

So in my last post I promised my favorite things and that was like a month ago so I feel I should supply.  This one might get a little long folks, cuz I love me alotta stuffs.

Where to start?  Books have always been a major part of my life and as my workload for school steadily grew, I began to use books to escape the terror of my procrastinating (with more procrastinating by reading, I know, I know.  Don’t question my life choices.)  They have always let me feel and experience what I may never have the chance too (and in some cases that is a very good thing.)  My all time favorite book is The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall.  It is meant for like middle schoolers, but it has a warm feeling for me.  There is no HUGE EVIL conflict, its just four sisters who vacation in a cottage on the grounds of a huge-ass estate.  the eldest starts crushing on the gardener and all of them befriend the son of the snooty owner.  It is a book that just makes me smile and forget for a little while.  I absolutely adore the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield.  I have some kinda kink for dystopian novels because every single one I have ever read I have adored, but this one especially.  The main series is 3 books, but there are 2 kinda spin off novels set in the same dystopian world.  Basically, in this world people get an operation when they turn 16 to become pretty.  It is like some serious body modifications, changing bone structure, eye color, height, weight, you name it.  Then you get to live on this island of eternal parties for a few years before you choose and occupation and settle down.  It follows a girl named Tally whose friend Shay runs away with a rebel group.  Tally is refused her operation until she helps the government find the rebels.  It is hecka good.  I also read a lot of original stories (and fanfiction) on Wattpad that are freaking AMAZING so hit me up if you want some recommendations for specific ships or just for a good read cuz I have more than I could count.

I don’t really know what movies to recommend because I feel like I have shitty taste in movies (or so I am told by my loving family and adoring friends).  My favorite movie is Heart and Souls (1993) with Robert Downey Jr. because it discusses death and other heavy topics in a way that made it easy to understand.  Also I adore the “Walk Like A Man” scenes.  Its about 4 people that died in a bus accident and become attatched to a baby (RDJ) and learn that they can use him to tie up loose ends from when they were living.  It’s all about overcoming your fears and being happy with who you are.  I love it.  To keep with the time frame (kind of) I love The Labyrinth (1986) with David Bowie.  The music is awesome and it is all about a girl’s growth and independence.  Basically, she wishes her brother away and the Goblin King takes him to his palace telling Sarah that she has 13 hours to save him before he becomes a goblin.  So she has to make it through the labyrinth to his palace and take her brother back.  It has some good Bowie tunes and Bowie in leggings so you can see the bulge (both a pro and a con, more a con).  If you are looking for a romcom I really love The Decoy Bride (2011) because it gives me goosebumps and butterflies, hardcore.  It is about a couple who are trying to get married, but the bride-to-be is a huge star that everyone loves and she is being followed so she runs away before the ceremony.  To fix this they plan a fake wedding with a stand in (played by Kelly MacDonald),but she accidentally signs the papers and they become legally married.  So she and James (played by David Tennant) try to get out of it and it is SO GOOD.  I think it is still on Netflix…

Music!  My favorite band is Fall Out Boy, but Twenty One Pilots is a close second.  Both are a lot like my personality where the music is very upbeat and happy while the lyrics are more about depression and other darker themes.  I really like My Chemical Romance (r.i.p.) and Panic! at the Disco too because I have grown a taste for alternative rock and they feed the darkness inside me.  My absolute favorite song is a tie between “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne and “Always” by Blink 182 the former has been my favorite since I was 6 due to it’s rock-ish beat and easy to lip-sync to, but recently I have been obsessed with the latter because of the rock-ish beat and the innate happy feeling I always get.  In fact, I listened to “Always” the moment I got home because I knew it would cheer me up after my first day back in hell.

Welp, this is a post of awesome measures, and I feel a lot better after writing about random things.  It was really helpful in decompressing after today’s craziness and getting back on schedule.  Hope you enjoy and come to find the same joy in this stuff that I do.



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